Artichoke and Tortelloni Salad

This is a perfect healthy weeknight dinner and the balance of ingredients in this dish makes it more of a salad than a pasta dish, keeping the calories down.


120g artichoke hearts, drained (but reserve some of the oil)

200g spinach and ricotta tortellini 

40g of red onion

26g capers

60g rocket

10g lemon juice

Feta, optional


Boil the kettle for the pasta.

Slice the red onion in very thin half moons and put into a large bowl along with the already drained artichokes.

Spoon out the capers from the jar draining any excess liquid (if in vinegar it doesn’t matter if some gets in as it adds to the dish) and add to the same bowl.

Then boil the pasta in salted water according to pack instructions. Mine only took 5 mins.

Whilst the pasta is cooking, spoon a couple of teaspoons of the artichoke oil and the lemon juice into bowl with the onion, capers and artichokes. Season well.

When the pasta is done, drain it and blast it with a little cold water to cool it down quickly. It doesn’t have to be stone cold just cool enough that it doesn’t wilt the rocket leaves when put together

Finally add the rocket into the big bowl and give it a good mix so the dressing and ingredients are evenly dispersed. Then add the tortellini to the bowl and give another very quick mix. Serve.

Also tastes great with a crumble of feta on top!