Food cooked by me,
eaten by me

It’s pretty simple really – I’m just a home cook who is obsessed with food. When I finish a meal I’m already thinking about what I’m going to eat next. Even my early memories are food-oriented – playing in my grandparents wendy house at the bottom of their garden with the toy kitchen that was set up in there. There was a stove and plastic cutlery and everything! I used to love stirring a saucepan full of fusilli pasta in cold water, does that count as cooking?

My mum was also a keen home cook, and when I was little you’d find us in the kitchen making lemon biscuits and shortbread. In later years we would drink wine and cook together, and I would pick up tips and sneak extra tastes before tea time!

So this site is dedicated to my mum. Just like she did for me, I want to pass on some of my own tips and techniques that I’ve learned along the way, and hopefully some of these recipes will inspire your own cooking.