Pickled Red Chillies

I'm obsessed with pickles and make them weekly in some form or another. I'm also a massive fan of the quick pickle – quickles if you will – as I can never plan far enough ahead. You can get equally fantastic results with a quick pickle and adapt the recipe each time for the dish.


60ml cider vinegar

20g caster sugar

¼ tsp table salt

1 garlic clove, peeled

½ tsp coriander seeds

60g red chillies, deseeded and sliced into rounds


Add the vinegar, sugar, salt, garlic clove and coriander seeds to a small saucepan. Bring up to the boil then add the chilli and cook for 1-2 minutes so they soften slightly.

Remove from the heat and cool down quickly. I use a large bowl of ice water and plunge the bottom of the saucepan in and let it sit for a couple of minutes.

Transfer to a sterilised jar (if storing for a few days) or a small bowl if using later that day.

This makes for a tasty topping for bao buns, banh mi or a noodle salad.