Smooth Hummus

For a successfully creamy hummus you do need a good quality blender. I tried several different methods, soaking dried chickpeas overnight and baking soda, but it still never turned out as smooth as restaurant houmous - until I got my new blender that is.


2 garlic cloves

1 tin chickpeas in salted water

50ml chickpea water

3 tbsp tahini

3 tsp lemon juice

Pinch of ground cumin

Sea salt

50ml olive oil


Pre-heat the oven to 180°C. Add the garlic cloves (in their skins) to an oven tray and roast for 15 mins. I like to roast my garlic first so it takes away the harsh garlic burn you sometimes get when using raw garlic.

Drain the chickpeas and reserve the liquid.

Add the chickpeas to a good blender, along with the tahini, chickpea water, lemon juice, cumin and a little salt (the salted chickpea water helps to season it too). Remove the garlic from the oven, remove the skins and add to the blender with the other ingredients.

Start blending then gradually add in the olive oil. Blend for 4 minutes on a high setting for really creamy hummus.

Taste for seasoning and enjoy!